Certified Dealers

Become a Certified Dealer

Water-Protec offers to entrepreneurs a dealership opportunity representing an industry of a leading product to eliminate water damage insurance claims.

We help prevent water damage through a technological innovation designed in Canada.

The product is intended for any building in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. 

The product has been on the Canadian market since 2014.

Water-Protec brings peace of mind to our customers.


Why Water-Protec?

The Water-Protec certified dealer guide will provide all the information and training you will need to understand the industry and the technology.

We provide our dealerships with:

  • A complete certified dealer program
  • Product development
  • Corporate programs with most insurance companies
  • Complete business solution (CRM, accounting and inventory systems)
  • Enhanced web application
  • Advertizing products
  • Installation videos
  • Demo kits
  • A simple solution to install at great price  

What is expected from you to win:

  • Put together a strategy and sollicit daily leads from home owners, condominium syndicate, co-properties managers, insurance brokers, contractors, plumbing diustributors, seniors residences, and more

  • Implement Water-Protec Certified Installation methods

  • Use Water-Protec entreprise solution

  • Deliver Water-Protec systems to customers

  • Ensure that everyone involved in the delivery are present for the installation

  • Obtain referrals from customers

Your profile:

We are looking for a team of individuals with successful sales career, fully dedicated to this projet, with a broad understanding of the technology, networking abilities, high level of confidence and enthousiasm.

If you have these abilities and you want to manage your own business, contact us!

The opportunity:

The revenue will vary from $809 000 the first year to $1 537 175 the third year based on realistic approach. The net margin will be around 20%