Transport Policy

1. Our products are always shipped FOB from our dock Montreal, QC, regardless of freight payment terms. FOB indicates that the title of the shipment passes to the buyer at the moment the carrier signs the bill of landing, confirming that the products are packed correctly. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the shipment is received in good order, and file a "Damage Claim Transport" with the carrier should the package be damaged. Water Protec Products Inc is not responsible for any liability arising from it, and can not be involved in a recovery process;

2. Water Protec Products Inc will not accept any return shipment due to transport damage without authorization; (See point 3)

3. If repairs or replacement of goods is to be necessary due to transport damage, a new purchse order must be given to Water Protec Products Inc. Water Protec Products Inc will authorize a return to their factory, with transportation costs to the buyer. Buyer is responsible for the payment of two purchase orders.

4. Water Protec Products Inc offers prepaid shipments to major urban centers only, via a carrier of choice by Water Protec Products Inc . Prepaid orders must be shipped to the distributor address, shipping address to third parties is subject to the prior approval of Water Protec Products Inc . Water Protec Products Inc reserves the right to produce a single shipment prepaid order, regardless of the origin of the product or the amount of the order.

(See The prepaid Shipping Policy) for minimum orders prepaid shipping. Additional costs may be incurred by the client when special equipment is required.

* Water Protec Products Inc recommends adding the words: "subject to inspection" on letter / packing slip Carrier *


Two-Year Limited Warranty: Water Protec Products Inc. Warrants its Water ProtecTM wireless sensor cut off valve system components against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of original shipment. Water Protec Products Inc. Warrants its Water ProtecTM stainless steel electronic water cut off valve component against defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years.  In the event that such defects appear within the warranty period, Water Protec Products Inc will, at its option, and upon written notification thereof and substantiation that, the product(s) have been stored, installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Water Protec Products Inc. recommendations and standard industry practice, repair or replace the product without charge. All products repaired or replaced under this warranty will be returned to purchaser ground freight prepaid by Water Protec Products Inc. This repair is a fulfillment of all obligations with regards to there goods. 

All costs associated with a returned product deemed non-defective Water Protec Products Inc will put full responsibility on the buyer. If a customer refuses to pay for return shipping as set out in these warranty guidelines, Water Protec Products Inc. will hold the product for up to 45 days after which the product will be considered “abandoned” and Water Protec Products Inc. will relinquish responsibility for the product and will dispose of the product accordingly.

Water Protec Products Inc will not be responsible for damage to goods, property or persons because of improper installation or if the materials purchased are subject to conditions that exceed the designed capacity. Warranty will be voided if the original serial number on the product is removed, whether by accident or intentionally. 

Diagnostic Service:

Our technical support team will be happy to help trouble-shoot possible defective units via phone (613) 777-5135 or email during normal business hours. Many issues can be resolved using this free service. If system components returned to Water Protec Products Inc. for repair or replacement are deemed to be working properly and not defective, the  customer will be charged a $45 diagnostic fee and will be required to pay for return shipping.

Term of payment

Credit card / net -5% / net 10 days -2% / net 30 days

Minimum Billing

Minimum billing is $ 180.00 net of transportation and taxes. If a purchase order under this amount should be placed, the customer must add an extra $ 37.00 on his order as a
separate item.

Quotation and prices

Goods will be invoiced at the price prevailing at the time of the order. Water Protec Products Inc reserves the right to cancel or adjust the price and the delivery date. 

Cancelling an order

Orders for standard products can be canceled within 15 days from order date with a 35% storage costs with the written approval of Water Protec Products Inc . 

Returned goods

Only Water Protec Products Inc, products purchased directly and that are contained in their original box, original design conditions with all manuals, accessories, and documentation will be considered. A full refund of the purchase price minus a 35% restocking fee will apply, with the written approval of Water Protec Products Inc. Indirect damage Water Protec Products Inc will not be liable for any indirect damages.

Penalty clauses

No penalty clause of any type or any specification will be accepted unless approved in writing by an officer of Water Protec Products Inc.

Errors, omissions and corrections catalog Water Protec Products Inc , price list, website, brochures and any other printed or electronic documentation are subject to errors and omissions. Data contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Catalog and price list corrections are listed for distributors only. It is recommended that you review this page periodically to ensure that your documents are up to date. This Web page lists current and known issues only and may be updated at the discretion of Water Protec Products Inc.

Prepaid shipping policy

● Minimum billing: CAN$180.00 NET minimum order in Canada. USD$180.00 NET minimum order in the United States.
● Canadian provinces: CAN$5,300.00 NET required for prepaid shipment.
● North Eastern USA: USD$5,300.00 NET required for prepaid shipment. Includes VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, and NJ.
● Eastern United States: USD$8,300.00 NET required for prepaid shipment. Our products are always shipped F.O.B. OUR DOCK / Montreal, QC, CA regardless of freight payment terms. Please refer to the terms and conditions.
● Western United States: USD$9500.00 NET required for prepaid shipment. Prepaid shipment to major urban centers only.