Water Protec is an innovated product designed in Quebec to detect and eliminate potable water damage in Residential, Commercial or Industrial buildings. 

The installation of the Water Protec System will reduce or even eliminate these incidents, which re-establishes the confidence of insurance companies by reducing risk, resulting in lower premiums and deductibles to policy owners.

The Water Protec System consists of installing water sensors at strategic locations where water damage is likely to occur, as soon as the sensor detects the presence of water, a signal is transmitted immediately to the control panel, which will immediately close the water supply to the unit where the leak has been detected. A local audible alarm signal is also activated by the control panel and the control panel can be connected to your home alarm system.

Insurance Companies recommend the Water Protec System be used in residential, industrial and commercial sectors. The Water Protec System is promoted by plumbing distributors and wholesalers, alarm companies and individual owners of condominium and residential homes.

The Water Protec System is a solution to the elimination of potable water damage claims encountered in condominium and senior residences. (more than 50% of insurance claims are water-related).


The Water Protec System effectively prevents water damage caused by hot water tanks, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen or bathroom sinks, dishwasher and washing machine or any other appliance that may contribute to potable water damage.

: Being the world leader by eliminating potable water damage in residential, industrial and commercial structures.

: Providing a product that assures peace of mind, while protecting the environment by mitigating potable water loss in all sectors.
The Water Protec System conforms to CSA and UL standards through the Intertek Certification firm. This consists of our WPT electronic valve that will automatically close when our main interface control panel receives a signal from one of the WPT sensors when a potable water leak is detected.